Ctrl-T Ice Caps x rfp

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In collaboration with Randomfrankp!

Designed by Ctrl-T Keys
Transparent PC Dye-Sublimated keycaps

We are thrilled to finally be launching the Ctrl-T Ice Caps! The first keycap set of its kind featuring a 5-side design print on transparent keycaps! Pushing the limits, mastering craft, mesmerizing the onlookers.

  • High Quality Material - This Keycap set uses PC(Polycarbonate) material - featuring transcending transparency, enduring durability, sustained clarity, smooth oil resistant finish, and anti warping heat resilience all providing consistent performance.
  • Dye-Sublimation Print - This keycap set uses a special 5-side dye-sublimation printing method bringing the absolute most crisp clear legends/design that will never fade. The first keycap set of its kind to do a 5-side print on clear keycaps!
  • Wide Compatibility - This set will work on a large majority of 60%/75%/80%, TKL and full size keyboards. Click here to see a full size image of the complete base kit and key sizes. 
  • KSA Profile Keycaps - KSA profile is the ergonomic mold chosen for the keycap set. A combination of the ergonomic mold of cherry profile and the stellar shape of XDA profile bringing comfort to its finest degree. 

*Keycaps only. Keyboard not included

*All images on this page are real product photos, not renders. However, they are taken under varying lighting conditions. The colors you come to perceive in person may vary based on your ambient lighting condition.